About Us


MRJ Medical Associates, operating under the trade name (d/b/a) of Age Management Optimal Health & Wellness, LLC, is a premier provider of safe, user-friendly home injection kits. Based in Florida and serving clients across the United States, our company boasts 17 years of experience in the health and wellness sector. With a firm understanding of the vital role nutrition plays in maintaining optimal health and preventing illness, we are committed to excellence in our services.

Our vitamin and weight loss injection kits are only prescribed and approved by our licensed physician before submitting to the compounding pharmacy. MRJ Medical utilizes FDA approved 503B pharmacies that are strictly regulated to ensure the highest level of quality and sterility of medications. Each prescription order submitted undergoes a second vetting process scrutinized by licensed pharmacists during the pharmacy’s order fulfillment process.


Our Physician

At MRJ Medical, our lead physician, Dr. Todd W. Christensen, specializes in Emergency Medicine and practices in Henderson, Nevada. Graduating from the Medical University Of South Carolina College Of Medicine in 1990, Dr. Christensen brings over 33 years of diverse experience, particularly in Emergency Medicine.


For all Home Injection Kits, a telehealth consultation with our medical provider is required. Upon placing your order, your chosen home kit is reserved. After Dr. Christensen’s approval, your prescription order is promptly submitted to the pharmacy for fulfillment, shipping, and delivery directly to your door

Compounding Pharmacies

MRJ Medical Associates is partnered with many of the leading providers in compounding pharmaceuticals. Our vitamin and weight loss injections are made in fully compliant FDA approved facility to ensure the highest level of quality and sterility for our patients.

Our pharmacies are dedicated to utilizing the latest processes, facilities, and technologies to ensure continuous access to quality medications and expand access to quality, affordable medications.