Hair, Skin and Nails

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Glutathione Injections | Biotin Injections | B Complex Injections

Home Injection Kit Includes

Hair, Skin & Nails Bundle | Biotin + B-Complex + Glutathione
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  • Stimulates Hair and Nail Growth
  • Helps Stop Psoriasis
  • Helps Build Keratin
  • Promotes Skin Cell Turnover
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Collagen Levels
  • Helps Balance Oil Production
  • Helps Even Skin Tone
  • Creates a Lipid Barrier


How It Works

  • Biotin | Converts food into energy while ensuring that your liver, nervous system, skin, eyes, and hair remain healthy.
  • B Complex | B vitamins all work together to maintain proper bodily functions including healthy skin and hair. B Complex helps boost collagen production which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; helps balance hormones which can reduce hormonal acne; provides antioxidants to the skin which fights free radical damage and cell turnover; reduces inflammation and dryness, and aids in cell turnover.
  • Glutathione | Is considered the ‘master antioxidant’, a potent antioxidant which helps in skin rejuvenation, reduces pigmentation, lightens skin and promotes the health of the skin overall. Glutathione reduces oxidative stress and may increase skin elasticity, help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, lightens the skin tone by minimizing melanin synthesis.


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10 mL Biotin + 30 mL B-Complex + 30 mL Glutathione