Vitamin D3

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Vitamin D3

Home Injection  Kit Includes
D3 (cholecalciferol in grape seed oil) | 100,000 IU/mL
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  • Strengthens Bones
  • Healthy Heart
  • Elevated Mood
  • Cognitive Health
  • Weight Loss Support
  • Responsive Immune System


How It Works
Vitamin D3 | Is an essential vitamin naturally found in food like fish and eggs. Vitamin D is also produced by the body when exposed to sunlight. It helps regulate calcium and phosphorus in the body and plays a role in maintaining proper bone structure. Vitamin D deficiency can be caused by age, long periods of grey weather, and poor eating habits. Boosting this vitamin in the body may treat a range of conditions such as weak bones, heart disease, and asthma, and could even provide relief for hay fever. UV-blocking sunscreen and pollution have been found to potentially cause vitamin D deficiencies. However, an injection is an easy way to treat it.


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